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Jun 12, 09 12:59 AM
Jun 12, 09 12:45 AM
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We started on the Horde side and were sadly disappointed by the then level of playing of endgame.  So, we tried the Alliance and found we like playing both sides.  Expanded storyline, different areas to quest and NEW quests and races allowed us to get the most bang for our subscription dollar.

So, if you enjoy WOW and take your game serious while remembering it is a game..we invite you to check us out and play the FULL game not just half.

Rather then reinvent the wheel both sides share rules and info with Dark Knights being the Home Site.

Horde Guild - Dark Knights of Dalaran
Alliance Guild - Light Knights of Dalaran

(Yes - We embrace the Light and the Dark side)!!
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NiiraGM, Jun 12, 09 12:59 AM.

  • Guild Master & CO-GM
  • Responsible for looking after the administration of the guild and ensuring that any disputes not settled by the leadership are settled amicably. Ensures the guild is running smoothly and works towards expanding and/or changing the guild to meet the needs of it's membership and Blizzards' ever changing expansions.

    Guild master is Niira. 2 honorary GM's are also in this category - Drak and Heavy.

  • Herald
  • Web site administrator (only achieved by vote of GM, CO-GM and Warlords) - This position holds a great deal of responsibility and trust among leadership and the guild as a whole.  Our guild has only one Herald at any given time and works closely with the GM's and leadership as a whole to insure the most up to date info and content relating to the game, tips, news and events.

  • Warlord
  • The second in Command for our guild. The warlord is responsible for carrying out tasks set by the Guild Master in his/her absence.  The Warlord is also a point of contact for officers who wish to settle a dispute that they themselves cannot resolve without escalating it to the Guild Master(s). Recognized as having mastery of the game, ability to lead raids, strong leadership skills, experienced in heroics, demonstrated guild loyalty and fidelity - requires GM & CO-GM vote to achieve

  • Officer
  • Officers are there to help and also play a part in arranging raids etc. They carry a wealth of experience and are a first port of call on most occasions for junior members if they need help or information.

    Officers would normally be party leaders for raids with at least one per group. There is not a set limit to how many we have in the guild but it will always be in proportion with the number of members we have. Demonstrated knowledge of game lore, ability to assist other players, knowledgeable and proficient in dungeons, demonstrated guild loyalty and fidelity - requires a vote by Warlords to achieve

  • Knight Protector
  • Knight Protectors have established themselves both on the field and off. With a good knowledge of the game and available to help newer members they play a vital role in the growth and strategy of the guild. Helping members of all levels and helping the officers promote and grow the guild are key functions of this position within the guild. Recognized for strong game world knowledge, multiple game classes including strengths and weaknesses - Requires a vote by Officers to achieve

  • Knight
  • To become a Knight of the guild shows dedication, knowledge and the ability to help others perform tasks. They must also be able to hold there own on the battlefield and be happy to help improve the skills of others on the battlefield.

    Our guild Knights are expected to follow the directions of the Officers when on raids and battlefields, striving for the glory and gear we deserve. Good working knowledge of mechanics and game content - Requires a vote by Knight Protector to achieve

  • Squire
  • Squire is the first rank of the guild and shows that you have proven yourself to be an asset to the guild. A 30 day trial basis as recruit is required - 30 days may be reduced based on in game playing time and Knights knowledge and acceptance of the player. Requires a vote by Knights to achieve

  • Recruit
  • The very first step on the journey into our Guild. To become a Recruit is to show a wish to be accepted by our guild and become one of us. Although this is not a simple path neither is it too arduous. Recruits will be asked to prove their loyalty to the guild by registering on the website, interacting with fellow guildies and participating in guild activities.

    Once they have shown they have become an active member of our Guild they will move through to the first rank within the guild and become a Squire.

  • Alts (additional toons - This should NOT be the toon you play the most)
  • All alternates reside in this rank and will not be allowed the same access as your main. This is done to protect the guild as a whole and the individual members, as we know some people are toon prolific. If you wish to change an alt to a main to obtain the privileges of your mains rank, please see an officer or above to swap. Notation of your mains toon name is required to be entered in the "notes" or it may be deleted from the guild roster.


    NiiraGM, Jun 12, 09 12:45 AM.

    1. Always show MATURITY and RESPECT to fellow guild members and all other players. 

    2.  NO BEGGING! Neither from other players or guild members. Guild members proudly earn their equipment. If you need gold or reagents and are willing to trade or pay them back that is fine to ask, but do not expect ANY handouts from players or the guild bank.  This ties to rule 1.  Begging is disrespectful in the fact you're ignoring the work and effort another player put in the game to acquire items.  Helping one another is absolutely fine, asking if anyone can help is ok but, harassing others players..really now.  You'll get out of this Guild as much as you put into it.  Lack of planning for upcoming expenses is not a need.

    3. Profanity is allowed as long as it is not used in a vulgar or harassing manner. Our membership include a broad spectrum of people with various differences in age, sex, race, and beliefs.. If your using profanity to show how "uber cool" you are or you need this explained to you in detail then this is probably the wrong guild for you.

    Disciplinary Actions:

    1. First Offense will result in a verbal warning. This may be issued through a GM, Co-GM, Warlord or Officer.
    2. Second Offense will result in demotion to Recruit for one month.
    3. Third Offense can result in removal from the guild by the GM or Co-GM.

    Depending on the nature and severity, the Guild Leadership may institute immediate dismissal. If the Guild Member holds the rank of Guild Officer or above the member will be demoted from the rank and will be on probationary status for 3 months. After the3-month probationary period the guild member is eligible to ask the Guild Leadership for a vote to reinstatement of their previous rank.

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